Meet Tracey

Tracey Biebel LCSW Practical Parenting Portland
I adore working with families. And individuals. And couples.

I have a passion for helping people find the joy in the life they are living. Helping people connect with their children, partners, family members, friends, and themselves in new and more fulfilling ways is my goal as a therapist.

I am both a biological and adoptive mom, so, I live this life too. I know firsthand the everyday challenges families face. I bring both my decades of professional experience, as well as the empathy I gain from my own personal life, to my work.

The feeling of too many balls in the air, and the daily wrangling of the chaos of family life, leaves many people struggling to live wholehearted lives.

I can help. I believe every person, and every family, has the ability to create healthy, fulfilling relationships. I believe in celebrating each individual and family’s uniqueness and drawing on the strengths you already possess. Yes, I believe you already have many strengths.

It takes courage to seek ways to change the way you and your family work. Let me help you find the tools and ideas that will work for you and your family — and put the fun back in your day to day life.