Yep.  I started a podcast.

With my delightfully hilarious and brilliant acupuncturist friend Cayly of Organic Acupuncure, LLC.  I highly recommend checking out her blog AND her practice.  She has TONS of wisdom to share as well as a gift in the field of acupuncture (she handles me and my needle anxiety like a champ).

While having tea one day we discovered that we both were itching to start a podcast.  And, then, well, we decided to do it. Because life is short and creative pursuits with friends are just plain fun.

And Curious and Curioser the podcast was born.

This podcast is a place where Cayly and I have unfiltered conversations about everything from motherhood to body image to relationships and sex to business and finances and how we define success. We get super honest in these dialogues, hoping to shine some light on some topics that are often not so openly or candidly discussed.

We realized how many AMAZING people we have in our lives too, so we plan to bring on various guest experts to talk about things like nutrition, creativity and art-making, fitness and functional movement, and other similarly awesome topics.  How cool to get to mine our friends and colleagues???

This is just plain fun.  And, hopefully, also informative and useful for your daily lives.  

So far, we have published six episodes, which are currently all available on iTunes, underneath this intro, and over here on the show page.

Please feel free to offer any comments or feedback or topic ideas for future shows!  Including, if you think you might be a good fit and would like to discuss being a guest on an upcoming episode, please feel free to reach out! You can contact me directly or email the show at

Alright, now jump on over to the show page here or listen and/or dowload the first six episodes below. Or listen in iTunes and leave us a 5-star review!

(And pro tip:  Cayly’s favorite episodes are Episode 4:  Social Decluttering and Episode 6:  Body Image Revisited. And mine so far is  Episode 5:  Owning Your Crazy. So, if you’re short on time, I recommend starting with one of these!)

Episode 6:  Is your level of contentment with your body actually about your body?

In this episode, Tracey and I revisit the subject of body image to flesh out some of the ideas we didn’t have time to fully explore on episode two of the podcast. Highlights include:

  • Fluctuations in how we feel about our bodies
  • Relationship between digestion and body contentment
  • How our experiences with crossfit and weightlifting have changed how we feel about our bodies
  • Shout out to Intrepid Athletics PDX
  • What do the numbers (on the scale, on clothing tags) mean?
  • Tracey gets double unders!
  • Do we cover our gray hairs and why (or why not)?
  • How does your body change as you age and how does this affect your contentment with it?
  • How Tracey models healthy body image for her kids
  • What happened when Cayly weighed herself for the first time in a year
  • The longevity of our bodies
  • And more!

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Episode 5:  How does owning your own crazy (see also:  your idiosyncrasies) enhance your life and relationships?

In this episode, Tracey and I explore how owning the seemingly crazy things about yourself can be beneficial and actually create more intimacy in your relationships. Highlights include:

  • “Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person” (Please note that we attributed this article to Oliver Burkeman, but the actual author is Alain de Botton. Sorry about that!)
  • Naming the elephant in the room
  • Brene Brown and the antidote to shame
  • Who do you share your crazy and shame story with?
  • Sharing your crazy and building trust
  • How we both own our crazy with our current partners
  • Building intimacy by being vulnerable
  • How owning your crazy with a partner can normalize it
  • Naming your idiosyncrasies gives others permission to do the same
  • Taking responsibility for your own stuff even while sharing it with others
  • Self-compassion and allowing yourself to be imperfect
  • And more!

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Episode 4:  What is social decluttering and what are its benefits?

In this episode, Tracey and I discuss decluttering our social lives, including how we have both gone about this process and what reasons we have for doing so. Other highlights:

  • Why does this topic leave Cayly feeling nauseated?
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
  • How do we define social decluttering?
  • How many people can you realistically connect with on a deep level?
  • Decluttering Facebook and why Cayly unfriended half my Facebook friends
  • Guilt, obligation, convenience and how these play into ending friendships
  • Should we wish everyone Happy Birthday on social media?
  • Can social decluttering happen naturally when we are our authentic selves?
  • How big life events contribute to changes in friendship
  • Can ending a friendship be a kind act?
  • Letting go of people who add bad things to your world
  • Can you declutter family members?
  • What do you do when there is no closure?
  • And more!

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Episode 3:  What does choosing motherhood — or not — mean about you as a woman?

In this episode, Tracey and I talk about motherhood, exploring the different choices we have each made with regard to this topic. Highlights from this episode include:

  • When did each of us know how we felt about motherhood for ourselves?
  • How motherhood helped Tracey heal from childhood wounds
  • The biological clock phenomenon
  • The birth of Tracey’s son and adoption of her daughter
  • Did Tracey ever regret her decision to have children?
  • How divorce has affected Tracey’s mothering journey
  • How Cayly’s religious upbringing affected her experience of not wanting to be a mother
  • What do you say to people who ask you when you’re going to get married and have kids?
  • How Cayly’s mom felt about her decision to not have kids
  • Is it selfish not to have children?
  • Bridging the gap between mothers and non-mothers
  • And more!

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Episode 2:  Do you have to love your body to be content living in it?

In this episode, Tracey and I talk at length about body image, about the pressure to love your body, and about what it means if you don’t always love the skin you’re in. Other highlights include:

  • How we currently relate to our bodies and what the journey has been like for each of us
  • Why it is so easy to not like our bodies
  • Bargaining with food when we were both younger
  • Our bodies as distractions from other aspirations
  • Faking it ’til you make it
  • The relationship between body positivity and shame
  • Our tactics for dealing with moments of body hatred in our own lives and the surprisingly hilarious role The Gap plays in this process for Tracey
  • How strength training has helped improve our body image
  • Crossfit and body image from our perspectives
  • The funny way Cayly refers to her body to help her feel better about it on bad days
  • And more!

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Episode 1:  Why Curiosity?

In this episode, you’ll learn about what inspired Tracey and me to start this podcast and why we chose curiosity as the overarching theme. A few highlights:

  • The relationship between self-compassion and curiosity
  • How Cayly’s religious upbringing fostered curiosity and question-asking at a young age
  • How growing up in a dysfunctional family left Tracey feeling curious as a child
  • Our undergraduate trajectories and how we both came from a desire to ask more questions
  • Breaking out of the boxes within which we were raised
  • How staying curious enhances Tracey’s parenting
  • The relationship between curiosity and Cayly’s life long journey with anxiety and depression
  • Internal messaging around shame and blame
  • What we’re each feeling curious about right now and what questions we’re asking in our own lives
  • And more!

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