Curious & Curiouser Podcast, Episode 12: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Cayly and I talk all about something I love exploring on my own and with clients, the stories we tell about ourselves and the world, many of which are just frankly untrue.

And most of which are not all that helpful to our growth and evolution as people.

Cayly and I explore in detail the transformative power of questioning your assumptions, the importance of challenging your beliefs, and the steps involved in changing your story.

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Curious & Curiouser Podcast, Episode 9: Manifesting

In this week’s episode of the podcast, Cayly and I talk about manifesting — a word we see being tossed around a lot in the self-help and personal development arena — often to the detriment of those who fall prey to the hype. We discuss the ways that our attempts to manifest can go wrong and leave us feeling less content in the end. We also call bullshit on The Secret (which is something Cayly did previously in this article she wrote a few months back), talk about how to manifest effectively, and discuss what that looks like in our own lives.

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Announcing the Curious and Curioser Podcast.

The Curious and Curiouser podcast is a place where we have unfiltered conversations about everything from motherhood to body image to relationships and sex to business and finances and how we define success. We get super honest in these dialogues, hoping to shine some light on some topics that are often not so openly or candidly discussed.

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