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Family Counseling

Each member of your family adds to the relationships you have as a whole. You are interconnected.

I believe in working with your whole family.   Sometimes this means each member comes into the office, in pairs, individually, or as a group. And, sometimes, this means simply talking about the dynamics of your family with one or more members of your family.

This could include parents, step parents, grandparents, partners, children, step children, other caregivers, etc…

The scenarios are endless. And it truly depends on the needs of YOUR family.

I generally start our family work together with one or more of the adults in the household.

If you have middle school or adolescent age children, we may consider having them come in to the first session with us.

If you have young children, I may never need to meet them as I believe parents are the most important people in their child’s lives, and if the parents shift the relationship dynamics between themselves and their children, the children will adapt. This will create positive change in the family far beyond anything that will happen in my office with small children.

That said, if in our work together we decide it makes sense for your child to come into my office, or for me to observe your child at school, we will make plans for that as well.

Again, it depends on the needs of your family.

No more waiting. Let’s get started making change in your family now.

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“Since working with you, my relationship with my son has completely changed.  We are able to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company in a way we never could before.  I am so grateful for the gift of a relationship with him that I never thought could be possible.”

-68 year old mother of an adult son