I am super excited about this week’s episode of the podcast. Cayly and I talk all about something I love exploring on my own and with clients,  the stories we tell about ourselves and the world, many of which are just frankly untrue.

And most of which are not all that helpful to our growth and evolution as people.

Cayly and I explore in detail the transformative power of questioning your assumptions, the importance of challenging your beliefs, and the steps involved in changing your story.

We also include a sweet diagram (courtesy of me) for those of you who appreciate visual learning tools. (You’re welcome.)

This episode is full of useful insights and actionable information. Cayly also gets a little personal toward the end in sharing how something I said in a recent episode of the podcast helped her identify a limiting story she’s been telling herself and jumpstarted the process of changing that particular story in her own life.  Isn’t that what open, honest, connected conversations with other curious people are SUPPOSED to do???  I adore that she shared that piece of beauty with me and with all of you.  Chills.

Other highlights from this episode include:

  • The kinds of stories we tell ourselves
  • Cayly’s current effort to challenge her inherent assumptions about herself and the world
  • Our brains are designed to make meaning out of things
  • My old story and how I changed it
  • How changing your story can be both liberating and terrifying
  • The difference between comfort and familiarity
  • How discomfort motivates change
  • Worries about what other people will think when we decide to change our stories
  • My diagram for how the process of changing your story works (see right)
  • How we filter our experiences through our individual histories and the stories we build around those histories
  • How can you tell when you or someone else is ready to change their story?
  • Cayly’s old story and how she moved out of it to create a new story
  • How our stories can become our identities
  • How we carry our stories in our bodies and how bodywork (i.e. acupuncture, massage, yoga, and chiropractic care) can help us let go of old stories
  • Disease labels and how our stories affect our health
  • My experience of letting go of my identity as a depressed person
  • How what I said in episode 9 of the podcast (i.e. the one about manifesting) had a profound impact on Cayly
  • And more!

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As we announce at the beginning of this episode, we are also partnering with the Pixie Project — an animal adoption center and rescue located here in Portland — to help some furry friends get a little extra attention and hopefully find a forever home. We could not be more thrilled about this!

Each week, we’ll be highlighting two animals and linking to their information in the show notes. Today’s animal spotlights are:

JERRY, an 11 year-old toy poodle, who weighs in at 10 pounds and enjoys hikes, laps, and being carted around in your bike basket.

And BERNICE, a 14 year-old long haired tuxedo cat who is currently in foster care after her owner was moved to a nursing home.

Please help us spread the word about these two adorable creatures!

And, finally, if you’d like to support the Pixie Project but aren’t able to adopt an animal at this time, visit Fetch Eyewear in NW Portland to purchase your next pair of glasses. They donate all profits to the Pixie Project, which is pretty rad, if you ask me.

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