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In this week’s episode of the podcast, Cayly and I talk about manifesting — a word we see being tossed around a lot in the self-help and personal development arena — often to the detriment of those who fall prey to the hype. We discuss the ways that our attempts to manifest can go wrong and leave us feeling less content in the end. We also call bullshit on The Secret (which is something Cayly did previously in this article she wrote a few months back), talk about how to manifest effectively, and discuss what that looks like in our own lives.

Other highlights include:

How do we define manifesting? Do Cayly and I believe in it?
Relationship between spirituality, religion, and manifesting?
Our thoughts about The Secret and our gripes with it
How Cayly got sucked into the Secret for a while when I was younger and my experience with it
How I talks with her clients about manifesting in their lives
The difference between passive and active manifesting
Can you manifest a partner? How?
What happened when I made a list of all the qualities I wanted in a partner
My perspective on luck and how it relates to manifesting
Why writing things down and meditating on them can be an important part of the process
My 3 steps to change a habit
Should we entertain the worst case scenario or fear our negative thought patterns?
Are some of us wired to be more pessimistic and focused on the negative in general? Or is this learned?
Interpersonal neurobiology and neuroscience as they relate to our ways of thinking
How bodywork, exercise, and movement can help us rewire our brains
Why physical therapy made me cry
The role climbing a rope played in my divorce
The Art of Taking Action by Gregg Krech
And more!
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