Nutrition 101: Fostering the joy of adventurous eating!

How to help your child eat more than just goldfish and cheese! Tips for making mealtimes more fun and less frustrating from highchair to big chair!

Do you find yourself :

  • making one dinner for you and one for the kids?
  • feeding your children mostly breads, crackers, cereals, bars, and other empty carbs because they refuse to eat other foods?
  • struggling to find foods outside of the “children’s menu” that your kids will eat?
  • packing your children a different snack to take to a playdate because you aren’t sure they will eat what the other family serves?
  • frustrated with the limited foods your child will eat and tired of the power struggles around food?
  • offering a snack after dinner because your children refused to eat what was served?
  • carrying snacks with you at all times even when your children are in elementary school?
  • simply dreading mealtime?

This class will offer solutions that will change the way your family approaches meals and decrease the amount of time and energy you spend worrying about and struggling with your children’s eating.

Ready? Feel free to contact me.

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These work too.